Film Makers / Skill Bills

Film Makers revenue opportunity

TTV skill bills"  program rewards you for creating and submitting great videos.


How it works
If your video has what it takes to produce, edit and deliver informative, entertaining and educational travel videos from around the world, we want you on our team. Every time someone watches your video on and an add is tagged to it, you earn a percentage of the revenue.


How you make money  will pay you a percentage of the profit recieved  from any ads tagged to your video. Payment starts after your video reaches 10,000 views, has a rating of 3.00 or higher or has been placed on 100 other websites - which tells us that the viewers like, enjoy or find your video informative.  encourages relationships with all film maker / producers and is actively promoting  passlive income for your skill and talent. 


Big picture

With growing rapidly everyday, the faster you place your content the better the rewards could be.  Consider the kinds of videos that would help you research travelling in certain areas.  And thats the first and biggest step in delveoping content that people want to watch.