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12 / 1 / 08 - slected as finalist in the AIMIA awards.

New website, was selected tonight as one of the top interactive media innovators in the country by the Australian Interactive Media Industry Asocciation.  The site has been selected as a finalist placing it within the top 5 travel and tourism sites in the coutry within 2 months of its soft launch.   click here for more..



12/11/07 - TTV goes public at Backpacker & Adventure Travel Expo (TTV) made its first official public appearance at one of Australia's leading travel expos focused on the FIT market (Free and Independant traveller) at the Sydney Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour.


TTV was able to display the power of their travel based online TV network, simply by using a 42 inch plasma TV, wireless Keyboard and a beenbag. The company was by far the most advanced web driven exhibitor and captured the attention of thousands of travellers and industry representatives alike over the three days.

The expo launched many potential parnerships for, featuring international tourism bodies, production houses and film makers.


The impact of the TTV phenomina was most evident by reactions from business and consumers when navigating through thousands of destinations and viewing personalised travel video content.


"It was a great opportunity to showcase what TTV is all about", said co-founder Corey Pearson. "We are still in Beta stage and there are many exciting features soon to be launched. However, it was really encouraging to see users enjoying our online travel TV platform."


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