Your trip...

                        your choice !


When it comes to travel, more and more people are looking for adventure.  I mean, lets face have spent a while saving and slaving away to earn the money to go on your trip and what better way to remember it that a thrill seeking and unforgettable adventure. 


During the development process of there were severl types of people.  We had avid snow sports lovers all the way through to people who just wanted to relax and kick back in the sun drinking a long island Ice tea.


Then came the travel channel options.  People needed the abilty to choose the type of travel and watch content that suits you.

this allows the the abilt yot refine your travel type.

if you lke follow the snow, click it on and you will recieve content on snow sports and snow destiantions around the world.

If you dont like it deativate it and the content and video clips will shift to the  bottom of the program list.


The channels filter is located in the top right of the interface.

it has 26 travel channels, each targeted to different types of travel.

just go through and select the ones you think you might like and when you search a destiantion, those videos wil appear.



 bit of a guide to the channels available.....



City Limits

Enjoy the sights and sounds of cities around the world with your own personal guides


Wildlife Channel

Find out about the local native wildlife, their environment and everyday existence


Follow The Snow

Everything to do with snow travel , from ski resorts to back country spots and heli-skiing in the back coutry of Alaska


Follow The Surf

Research the local conditions, best breaks, surf events and travel worldwide


Adventure Guide

From sky diving and kayaking, to overland tours and trekking...its on the adventure channel


Luxury Traveller

Relax and enjoy your trip in style with luxurious destinations, resorts and private locations


Sport Travel

Preview the latest in sporting events, travel packages and activities


World Of Food

Experience cultural and traditional foods from around the globe


Wining & Dining

Discover dining hot spots including the best cafes, restaurants, wine bars and more


Drive Guide


Explore the best scenic and city drives, as well as learning safer driving tips 


World Of Music

Discover the sounds of the planet with a channel dedicated to music of the world


Safe Travels

Get all the information you need to travel safely to, from and round your destination


Blending In

Don’t stick out like a tourist...find out where the locals go and what they prefer to do


National Parks Guide

Take a look at what National Parks have to offer, from the Daintree to Yosemite


Our History

An historical overview of destinations and how they came to be


Divers Escape

A guide to diving and underwater activities for beginners to the advanced


Backpacker Life

Travelling on a budget through the eyes of backpackers


Family Fun

Get the run down of destinations that are family friendly and cater for kids


Entertainment Live

‘What’s On’ entertainment guide from around the world


Shoppers Delight

Find the best shopping spots, what to buy and how to get a top bargain


Our Planet

Dedicated eco-tourism and environmentally friendly travel destinations


In Transit

Find out about airport rules and regulations, customs, visas and quarantine periods


Survival Guide

Learn how to protect yourself against unwanted situations and get tips on protecting yourself


Tribes & Traditions

Experience the diversity of native traditions and tribal life throughout the world


Our Land

An Insight into what makes a destination and its people unique